Age 21-24 on an agreed course of education or training (Former relevant)

See what financial support you are entitled to.


Cost of accommodation - No. Benefits or student finance can be claimed for rent. The council may pay returnable deposits or rent in advance for you if you are in higher education.

Setting up home allowance - The council will pay £2000. Up to an extra £200 to cover broken or forgotten items, with the agreement of your personal advisor and their team manager. If you have a child, we will pay an extra £500 to buy them furniture.

Housing costs during university breaks - The council will pay the housing benefit rate for your accommodation.

Council Tax - Yes. The care leavers relief scheme will be applied.


Travel costs to college (16 plus hours) - No. Your salary, benefits or student finance will cover this.

Travel costs to college (up to 16 hours) - An assessment will need to be undertaken to decide.

Travel costs to first employment - The council will pay for your first 4 weeks within 3 months of your course ending.

Education and university

Fees for further education (aged 20 plus) - An assessment will need to be undertaken to decide.

Grant to help at university - £2000 split into 3 payments over the year, based on attendance.

Equipment for college or university - An assessment will be undertaken to understand if other funding is available first.

Graduation ceremony - £100. Cost of gown hire and standard set of photographs.

Personal identity

Passport and birth certificate costs - The council will pay for this

Immigration, citizenship, asylum costs - The council will support and resolve.

Maintenance (e.g. clothing, pocket money, leisure)

Weekly maintenance - No. Benefits or student finance can be claimed.

Savings scheme - You're entitled to access savings on your 18th birthday.

Clothing allowance - No.

Clothing for work and interviews - The council will pay up to £100 if Suited & Booted cannot help.

Money for your birthday or religious festivals - Yes £20.

Specific situations

Help if you are pregnant - £200 payable after you are 6 months pregnant.