Age 16-20 but in care for less than 13 weeks (qualifying)

See what financial support you are entitled to.


Cost of accommodation - No. Benefits can be claimed for rent if you are not living with a parent.

Setting up home allowance - No.

Housing costs during university breaks - No.

Council Tax - No.


Travel costs to college (16 plus hours) - Your 16-19 grant from college should cover this. An Oyster card is given and payment is based on attendance.

Travel costs to college (up to 16 hours) - No.

Travel costs to first employment - No.

Education and university

Fees for further education (aged 20 plus) - No.

Grant to help at university - No.

Equipment for college or university - No.

Personal identity

Passport and birth certificate costs - No.

Maintenance (e.g. clothing, pocket money, leisure)

Weekly maintenance - No. Benefits can be claimed if you are not living with a parent.

Savings scheme - No.

Clothing allowance - No. A payment may be given for emergency purposes only.

Clothing for work and interviews - No.

Money for your birthday or religious festivals - Yes £20.

Specific situations

In custody or prison - No.

Help if you are pregnant - No.