Your personal advisor (PA)

As you begin to make independent decisions as a young adult, your personal advisor will provide you with advice, information and support to help guide you through the best choices. 

They will be your go-to-contact, meeting you at least every six weeks, in your home or in the community. You can also contact them in between meetings if you want some advice or additional support.
With your agreement, your PA will work with other agencies to make your move into adult life easier. This may include contact with health or housing agencies, colleges or universities, benefits advisors, probation services, and other organisations in your local community. 

When you are 17½ years old you will meet your PA, who will help you to plan for your move to independence. They will ensure you have the right support for this to happen, at a pace and in a way that you are comfortable with.

Your PA will continue to support you to achieve your goals throughout the coming years, providing this support up until you are 25, if you need or want it.

Watch this care leaver explain what it's like moving from a social worker to a personal advisor.