Lambeth's top 10 support for care leavers

The services that work with you are your corporate parents, and we want the best for you, as we would for our own children.

We will always listen to understand how we can support you better and improve what we offer you.

As care leavers, below is a list of the top 10 ways we can support you.

  1. We pay your council tax when you move into your own place, whether you are working, in education or claiming benefits.

2. £100 towards your clothing, when you attend your first interview or start your first job.

3. 4 weeks free travel paid with an oyster card, when you start a new training course or job.

4. £2,000 yearly paid in 3 instalments, including £100 towards your graduation gown and photographs, if you go to university. Your PA would attend your graduation if they are invited.

5. We make you a priority as a care leaver, when you bid for a tenancy for your own home

6. We pay the housing benefit rate equivalent for your university accommodation during breaks, if you go to university.

7. A free leisure pass to all council gyms and leisure centres in Lambeth.

8. £2,000 to help you set up when you move into your own place.

9. Dedicated support to bid for a tenancy to move into your own home and claim the right benefits.

10. An automatic apprenticeship interview, if you meet the minimum requirements.