Your personal identity

Your personal identity is important, and the documents you have to prove your identity should be kept safe at all times.

Throughout your life you will need them to do things like: 

  • open a bank account
  • set up a bill or service
  • get a library card
  • go on holiday
Teenager putting make-up looking on in mirror

If you are eligible for a UK passport, or need to renew, replace or update your existing one, speak to your social worker or personal advisor. They should have applied for this for you. If they haven't, you should ask for their help or you can apply for this yourself.

Social care will pay the cost of applying for this, including the check and send facility.

Birth certificate

You should have a copy of your birth certificate. If you don't, your social worker or personal advisor can help you get a copy.

Social care will pay the cost of applying for this.

Immigration, citizenship and asylum applications

If you need to apply for immigration, citizenship or asylum, your social worker or personal advisor will have helped you with this. If it's unclear at what stage any of these applications are at, they can also help you to understand. 

Lambeth’s 16+ team are available to discuss possible funding to help with your applications, and can work closely with local solicitors to support you.