Financial help with education

College or sixth form grant

This government grant of £1200 is available to most care leavers and it doesn't need to be paid back.

You will get this if:

  • You are 16-19 years old
  • You are in care, are a care leaver, or are claiming income support or getting some benefits

The money comes to you through your college or sixth form, so you will need to let them know that you're a care leaver.

The amount is paid over the year and some of this money could come to you as a travel pass.

You must have good attendance to continue receiving this grant.

Funding if you live independently

There may be funding for care leavers who live independently and are in education, training or volunteering.

Your personal advisor who will be able to find out more for you.

Your college will have a member of staff who is there to support care leavers. You could find out who they are and ask for their support too.

Help with travel

Travel passes are usually available from your further education or training provider.

If not, or if you are having difficulty getting to your place of education, talk to your personal advisor for help.

Support with equipment or computers

You can access an equipment or computer grant if needed for your coursework.

To apply for this, you must be in education or training for more than 12 hours a week. 

Talk to your personal advisor on how to apply.

Financial offer

See full details of the education related financial help the council can offer you.

Government student loan

Apply for a student loan to pay for tuition fees and help towards your living costs.