Lambeth's Children in Care Council - Vision of Success

What is VoS?

Every local authority should have what is known as a Children in Care Council. Lambeth’s Children in Care Council is called VoS, which stands for Visions of Success. 

The name was chosen by children looked after and leaving care in Lambeth.

Lambeth also have a younger children in care council called Junior Visions, for children aged 12 and under. They meet during the school holidays.

What does VoS do?

VoS is a group of children looked after and care leavers, who come together to explore the experiences of children and young people in care, and talk about what is working well in Lambeth and what can be improved.

VoS speak to and meet with other children and young people in care to hear their views and wishes and advocate for them.

VoS members get to meet with directors, managers and councillors to ensure children and young people are heard and included when decisions are being made.

They also get together in between their main meetings to work on projects and activities, or to attend events simply to have fun.

Young people in VoS get to network with lots of other people and get access to many different opportunities.

What does a young person gain from being in VOS?

Children and young people who are members of VoS:

  • make new friends and form a community
  • build new connections and networks
  • develop skills and experiences that help shape their CVs and educational applications
  • meet with senior managers to make decisions and feel empowered
  • get access to opportunities in their areas of interest
  • become more confident

You will also receive a £10 voucher, along with refreshments, at some meetings.

Who can join VoS?

VoS is for anyone looked after or leaving care in Lambeth, aged 13 to 24.

What day and time are the meetings?

Core meetings take place once a month - every first Wednesday of each month, from 17.30-19.30.

Where do VoS meetings take place?

Normally at the Civic Centre, Brixton.

However, due to Covid-19, VoS has been taking place virtually through Microsoft Teams.

Who leads VoS?

Loretta Nwanze leads VoS - she is Lambeth’s participation officer.

If you have any questions, you can call Loretta on 0207 926 7084