Age 16-17 living in residential care (eligible)

See what financial support you are entitled to.


Cost of accommodation - The council will pay for this.


Travel costs to college (16 plus hours) - Your 16-19 grant from college should cover this. An Oyster card is given and payment is based on attendance.

Travel costs to college (up to 16 hours) - The council will pay for this through an Oyster card.

Travel costs to first employment - The council will pay for your first 4 weeks through an Oyster card.

Education and university

Equipment for college or university - Your 16-19 grant from college should cover this, based on your attendance.

Personal identity

Passport and birth certificate costs - The council will pay for this.

Immigration, citizenship, asylum costs - An assessment will be undertaken by your personal advisor to see who will pay.

Maintenance (e.g. clothing, pocket money, leisure)

Weekly maintenance - No. Payments made to the home and you will get pocket money.

Savings scheme - £10 per week. You're entitled to access savings on your 18th birthday.

Clothing allowance - This is covered in the payment the council make to your placement.

Clothing for work and interviews - The council will pay up to £100 if Suited & Booted cannot help.

Money for your birthday or religious festivals - Yes £60. This cost is covered in payments to your provider. 

Specific situations

In custody or prison - The council will pay £10 per week whilst you are on remand. The prison will pay £10 per week if you are sentenced.

Help if you are pregnant - £200 payable after you are 6 months pregnant in addition to benefits.