Lambeth Virtual School

Lambeth Virtual School for looked after children and care leavers, work hard to help you make the move between schools, colleges and university as easy as possible.

If you are in education, age 16-18 years, our friendly teachers will offer you support to help you achieve to the best of your ability, via personal education plan meetings.

  • If you are retaking your math and/or english at GCSE level or below, you can get 5 hours of 1-2-1 support to assist you to achieve the grade that you need
  • If you are completing the ESOL (English as a second or foreign language) course, you can get 5 hours of 1-2-1 support with English

If you are at university, the team can meet with you to discuss any problems you may have, and signpost you to services that can offer you further support.

Meetings with the Lambeth Virtual School can be made through your social worker or personal advisor.

Your contact at the Lambeth Virtual School is Prash Sothinathan, who you can email at