Autism Advisory Service

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, the Lambeth Autism Advisory Service can give advice, support and training to children, families, schools and early years settings.

The service is a targeted provision. The main aim of the service is to deliver advice and support to schools, enabling them to meet the additional educational needs of children and young people with a diagnosis of autism.

We work collaboratively with primary schools in their continuing development, to create an inclusive and autism-friendly learning environment. We also offer a range of training topics in our secondary schools.

What do we do?

The service advises schools to enable children and young people to reach their full potential academically and socially, whilst promoting independence. We provide support in schools in order for staff to develop a greater understanding of autism and apply good practice.

The team consists of specialist teachers trained in interventions, like TEACCH, PECS, SCERTS, Social Stories and other autism-specific strategies. The service also promotes the AET National Autism Standards across schools, to support regular evaluation of effective, inclusive practice.

The local authority funds the service. Every school is offered an agreed level of monitoring and support.

We provide:

  • training and workshops across the school year for primary school staff
  • advice and modelling of resources and interventions
  • bespoke in-school training which can be arranged to support individual schools through their advisory teacher

Secondary schools can buy in and access up to six training workshops per year.

Who do we work with?

We work in collaboration with the following groups to implement interventions and develop inclusive practice:

  • parents
  • carers
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCOs)
  • Speech and Language Therapists (SALT)
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Educational Psychologists (EP)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Children’s Services
  • school staff

Support for parents and carers

We offer monthly drop-in Parents' Support Groups, held in different mainstream schools across the borough. Parents and carers get to:

  • meet other parents of children and young people with autism
  • share experiences
  • discuss strategies and share ideas with both parents and professionals

We also encourage and support schools to hold individual coffee mornings to encourage parents to meet, talk and share their experiences.

Contact us

Telephone: 07849 079 140


Postal address:

Lambeth Autism Advisory Service

London Borough of Lambeth

PO Box 734


SO23 5DG