Finding somewhere to live

In this section, you will find help and advice on locating somewhere to live

There are many different types of housing for a young person or adult with special educational needs, mental ill-health or a disability (SEND). You can have continuous care, live in someone else's home, or get help to live on your own or with friends.

You may decide that you would like to continue to live with your family, and your family can support this. Or, you may decide you would like the chance to try and live independently.

This is not as easy as just finding somewhere to live. There are many things for you and your family to consider, and, depending upon your choices, the time scales for putting things in place can vary a lot.

So, planning for this transition early enough (in good time) is important, and should at least be started at the preparation for adulthood review, which must happen in Year 9 of school.

It is also important to make sure that the right people are part of the review process, such as an occupational therapist or social worker, depending upon your needs and what you think you would like for your future.

To read about the things that may need to be considered when you are doing this planning, read the following pages in this section. 

Adjustments needed to the house

Advice on how to improve your home to meet your needs

Are there people you’d like to live with?

Moving from the family home to live independently could end up being a lonely experience, especially if you find it hard to make new friends

Do you need support in your new home?

If you prefer a housing type that does not include support, there are still support options available

Independent living skills

You may have already experienced living away from the family home

Paying for your home

With all of the choices made, it is now important to plan how this package will be paid for, and who might need to be involved to help make this happen

Type of housing

Hopefully, you have thought about what independent living skills you already have, and have a plan to build up the skills you will need. You have also had a chance to think about whether you would like to live alone, or with other people