Lambeth housing estates parking e-permit terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for using parking e‑permits on Lambeth housing estates.

Proofs and online checks


When applying online we carry out verification of you at your address. If successful, you will not need to provide any further information. If we have been unable to verify your details automatically, you will be asked to upload evidence that applies to your circumstance. The evidence must be uploaded to your account within 30 days of making your application. Failure to supply the remaining proof documents within this time will result in your permit being rejected without a refund.

Please provide the following. You will be able to scan your proofs (or take a photo of them) as part of your application and upload them to your online account.

  1. To prove you are the keeper of the vehicle
    • vehicle registration document (V5/C) or valid insurance schedule
    • if you are hiring a vehicle, the hiring or lease agreement
    • if you drive a company car, a company letter
  2. Two items from the list below as proof of address, these need to be for the address you are applying for a permit at:
    • driving licence (registered to current address)
    • current Lambeth council tax document
    • utility bill, dated within the last 3 months (mobile phone bills will not be accepted)
    • signed current formal tenancy agreement
    • bank or credit card statement (dated within the last few months)
    • valid home contents insurance policy
    • an electoral canvas form or polling card, dated in the last year

Online checks

  1. For resident permit applications, we process your application online. This means we need to validate the details you provide with us electronically. To do this we will attempt to verify your identity using a third-party credit reference agency.
  2. The agency will check the details you supply against any particulars on any database (public or otherwise) to which they have access. A record of the search will be retained but will not be visible to other parties or affect your credit record.