Lambeth housing estates parking e-permit terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for using parking e‑permits on Lambeth housing estates.

Motorcycles, Blue Badges and foreign-registered vehicles


  1. Motorcycles are not required to have an annual estate or visitor permit to park on an enforced estate; however, motorcycles must be parked in an appropriate bay and possess tax and insurance, or they may be removed and/or issued with a PCN. 

Blue Badges

  1. If an applicant for an annual estate permit possesses a Blue Badge, or if a member of their household has a blue badge, they may apply for an annual permit free of charge.
  2. In addition to the standard proofs requested, the following should also be provided:
  • Blue Badge (registered to applicant’s address)
  • proof of address for the Blue Badge holder

Foreign-registered vehicles

  1. Annual estate permits are not issued to foreign registered vehicles.