Lambeth housing estates parking e-permit terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for using parking e‑permits on Lambeth housing estates.

Permit criteria

  1. You must provide proof that you are the keeper and user of the vehicle for estate resident permits. The following documents must be uploaded:
    • vehicle registration document - this will only apply if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and will only be accepted if the vehicle is registered to the estate address
    • current car insurance document (certificate and schedule) - this must show your name, the vehicle's registration number and must confirm that the vehicle is insured to be kept at your TMO address - please provide all pages of the document as the required information may not be shown on one page. Temporary cover notes or certificates valid for less than 30 days will not be accepted
    • hiring/leasing agreement - if you hire or lease a vehicle, you must submit a copy of the current agreement - he agreement must show your name, estate address, the vehicle's registration number and give the name and address of the hire/leasing company
    • company letter - if you drive a company vehicle, you must submit a typed letter on company headed paper signed by your employer and dated within the last 3 months - the letter must include your name and address, your job title and the vehicle's make and registration number, it should also confirm that you are the sole user of the vehicle and whether the company owns or leases the car - if the company
      owns the vehicle a copy of the vehicle registration document must be provided
  2. If the car is leased, a copy of the lease agreement is required. If your company uses a fleet management specialist, a letter from them will be accepted; however, it must include the information requested above and confirm the name of the company you work for.