Lambeth housing estates parking e-permit terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for using parking e‑permits on Lambeth housing estates.

Visitor e‑permits (virtual visitor vouchers)

  1. Virtual visitor vouchers (e-permits) can be purchased online by any resident for the estate they live in. Each household can be issued a maximum of 200 permits per year, although extra permits may be issued in exceptional circumstances.
  2. To apply your permanent address must be within the boundary of a Lambeth Housing Management enforced estate (TMO).
  3. A visitor e-permit allows the holder to park a vehicle only in authorised areas on the estate, however the council cannot guarantee the availability of a parking space.
  4. A visitor’s vehicle may not exceed 2 metres high, 1.83 metres wide or 4.8 metres long without the written permission of Lambeth Housing Management.
  5. Visitors are only permitted to park within the boundaries and sign code of the enforced housing estate (TMO).
  6. Lambeth Housing Management or its contractors reserve the right to remove vehicles which do not have valid vehicle tax and/or are classified as abandoned. This includes SORN vehicles which do not have written permission from Lambeth Housing Management to park on the estate.
  7. Virtual visitor vouchers are not transferable
  8. Virtual visitor vouchers are valid for one day only.
  9. Virtual visitor vouchers do not guarantee a parking space.
  10. Virtual visitor vouchers can be used in parking bays.
  11. The use of parking spaces may be suspended by the police or duly authorised council officers. We will try and give notice of suspensions; however this may not always be possible.
  12. Breach of Lambeth Housing Services “conditions of use” for scratch cards may result in one or more of the following steps being taken:
    • issue of a warning detailing the nature of the breach
    • issuing of a penalty charge notice (PCN), relocation of vehicle and removal of vehicle for repeated penalty charge notices
    • prosecution under the Fraud Act 2006
  13. You do not need to be the vehicle owner to purchase virtual visitor vouchers on an estate.
  14. Residents or members of their household who have a Blue Badge are entitled to a free annual estate parking permit but must display their Blue or White Badge with the parking permit.
  15. Visitors with a Blue Badge can use it as they would with street parking and can park with their Blue Badge and a timer (limited to two hours). If Blue Badge visitors want to stay for longer than this, a visitor’s permit must be purchased for them.
  16. Virtual Visitor Vouchers cannot be issued if:
    • the person residing in the property cannot be verified
    • the person residing in the property cannot provide documents from the prescribed list
    • fraudulent documents are submitted
    • visitor vouchers have been used fraudulently
    • you have unpaid penalty charge notices (PCN) and are registered as a persistent evader
  17. You will need to provide two of these items as proof of address if your application cannot be automatically verified, and these documents must be for the address you are applying for:
    • driving licence (current address)
    • bank or credit card statement, dated within the last three months
    • utility bill, dated within the last three months (mobile phone bills will not be accepted).
    • solicitor's completion letter, dated within the last three months
    • current year Lambeth council tax document
    • home contents insurance policy
    • signed current formal tenancy agreement
    • an electoral canvas form or polling card, dated in the last year
    • visitor permits are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and are not to be resold