Book of Remembrance

We have beautifully inscribed Books of Remembrance held within our crematoria buildings:

  • Lambeth Cemetery and Crematorium - the Book of Remembrance for Lambeth Cemetery is also used for those buried at Streatham Cemetery.
  • West Norwood Cemetery and Crematorium.

The Books of Remembrance can be viewed in the Hall of Memory at both of our crematoriums, to provide a lasting record and a simple though dignified memorial to those buried or cremated at that location.

You can also choose to commemorate a loved one who was not laid to rest within our sites.

You may choose any significant date, you may prefer a birthday, wedding anniversary or perhaps the date your loved one passed away.

The book is in volumes, and is handmade throughout. The binding is richly tooled in gold, and the hand lettering done by craftsmen, offering the same degree of permanence and artistic excellence as the best examples of medieval illuminated manuscripts.

A page is turned each day of the year, and the book will remain open on the appropriate page so that entries may be seen on each anniversary.

An entry in either book can be two, five or eight lines long and may incorporate floral emblems, illuminated capitals or service badges for an additional charge where applicable. You may also choose to order a memorial card or book at the same time, replicating the entry for family or friends who cannot visit the crematoria.

Once an entry has been added to the book, it can also be viewed online on our Book of Remembrance website.

A digital Book of Remembrance is also available at Lambeth Crematorium. At this site, you may turn the virtual page to any date. This is in addition to the inscribed volume.


Number of lines Book of Remembrance entry Memorial card (when ordered with entry) Miniature book (when ordered with entry) Subsequent inscription in existing miniature book
Two line entry £103 £67 £123 £89
Five line entry £120 £158 £156 £103
Eight line entry £142 £181 £189 £131
Additional line £47 not available not available not available


These can only be added to five or eight line entries.

Type Cost
Emblem, flower, shield, image £97
Illuminated capital £123
Full coat of arms £146