Columbarium niche

The columbarium niches are available at:

  • Lambeth Cemetery and Crematorium (outdoors)
  • Streatham Cemetery (outdoors)
  • West Norwood Cemetery and Crematorium (indoors).

Our Columbarium niches are suitable resting areas for one or two sets of cremated remains. The niches can be leased for 10 years, after which time you can continue to dedicate the area or discuss your further options.

They can be ideal for those who may not have decided on a final resting place for their loved ones.

They are perfect for those who wish to have a dedicated area in which people can pay their respects to their friends and families.

These have been suitably placed in our crematorium chapel at West Norwood, or within our burial areas at Lambeth and Streatham, to provide a tranquil place to visit loved ones.


The columbarium niches at West Norwood cost £456 for a single niche and £831 for a double niche. Both are for a dedicated period of 10 years.

The price of the outdoor niches at Streatham and Lambeth are priced for 25 years at £1,607.

columbarium niche