Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report

A report on the impact of the Railton Low Traffic neighbourhood. This stage one report is part of our continuous monitoring of the scheme.

Changes made to date

Supporting measures


Businesses have been granted special loading exemptions from the Railton Road/Atlantic Road traffic filter. 

Network Rail emergency response vehicles have been granted special exemptions from the Shakespeare road filters. 

An exemption for SEND transport providers has been put in place for all LTNs

Improved Communication

We have published a monitoring strategy that clearly outlines how we will monitor the scheme and what success will look like.

A local, independent filmmaker has been commissioned to assist us in communicating the monitoring strategy and next steps with engagement

Behaviour Change programme

We have delivered 12 Dr Bikes session and serviced 292 bikes within the Railton LTN and supported grant applications for local community led initiatives

Shakespeare Road has been selected as one of the areas where young residents and local students aged 14-18 will focus their efforts in designing public realm improvements as part of the Many Different Voices design competition

Physical changes

  • Somerleyton Passage: Removed metal barriers and improved dropped kerbs to facilitate access to all users, particularly beneficial for those using adapted cycles. Repaved footway throughout passage to improve surface for wheelchairs etc.
  • Shakespeare Road: Amended traffic filter location to facilitate access to Network Rail premises. 
  • St Matthew's Road: Amended traffic filter location to facilitate access to the church building 
  • Atlantic Road: Introduced parklets/footway extension on Atlantic Road and improved road markings
  • Railton Road: Introduced parklets in front of Hamilton’s supermarket
  • Marcus Garvey Way: Removed bollards to improve walking experience and footway’s effective width
  • Improved cycle facilities: Added 10 cycle stands around the LTN 
  • Improved signage: We have improved the diversion route, advanced warning and traffic restriction signage to decrease driver confusion and non-compliance
  • Herne Hill station/Railton Road: Added a dropped kerb for improved cycle/wheelchair access
  • Hamilton Parklet The parklet on Hamilton’s has been implemented in conjunction with other parklets on Atlantic Road as part of a business support pack of measures for the Railton LTN. They can play a direct part in our plan to reopen high streets safely to support business and the community. Hamilton’s parklet is part of the Experimental Traffic Order and not a permanent feature. Therefore, we will seek feedback on it from the community before any decision will be taken on making it permanent