Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report

A report on the impact of the Railton Low Traffic neighbourhood. This stage one report is part of our continuous monitoring of the scheme.

Community feedback analysis

The analysis identified that while there is a general desire for cleaner air and safer streets among respondents, there are strong and contrasting opinions on how to achieve this. 

  • For some respondents, the Railton Low Traffic neighbourhood has been immediately beneficial. Comments included feeling safer, having more confidence in cycling, walking and scooting and the perception that roads inside the LTN are quieter and experience less pollution.
  • For those that support the measures to date, there is still interest in how the physical infrastructure fits into the wider network of cycling infrastructure such as connecting routes and cycle storage. 
  • Others feel that they are yet to experience benefits with concerns focused on boundary roads, access issues and extended vehicle journey times. Residents would also like more access to data surrounding the project and would like more information updating them on the future of the project.

Perceived benefits

Below are some of the perceived benefits raised by the community in relation to the Low Traffic Neighbourhood. All benefits are being considered as we monitor the scheme and we look to further enhance it.


  • A way to tackle pre-scheme road dangers on Railton Road
  • Reduced speeds and quantity of traffic observed on Railton Road
  • Improved bus flow along Railton Road 


  • A feeling of improved safety crossing the roads
  • A feeling of improved safety whilst cycling
  • A feeling of improved safety whilst walking


  • Better access to Brixton town centre, local schools and facilities
  • Better access to Herne Hill shops and facilities

Health and wellbeing:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • A safer place for children and families
  • An opportunity for more exercise
  • Encourages positive behaviour change


  • Tackles the climate crisis 
  • Tackle air pollution
  • Tackles noise pollution
  • A way to protect the environment and nature
  • ‘Investment in the future’

Local context and community:

  • An opportunity for residents to get to know neighbours 
  • An opportunity to improve the public realm around local businesses both in Brixton and Herne Hill

Perceived concerns

Below are some of the perceived concerns highlighted by the community in relation to the Low Traffic Neighbourhood. All concerns are being considered as we monitor the scheme and introduce supporting measures such as enforcement, better signage and filter alterations.


  • Concerns about the potential impacts on boundary roads (Dulwich Road and Coldharbour Lane) due to potential traffic displacement and associated pollution
  • Concerns about non-compliance (cars speeding/ reckless driving/mopeds ignoring filters)
  • Fear of HGV trucks increasing


  • Request for more signage
  • Concern about potential extended vehicle journey times for:
    • Vulnerable and disabled residents
    • Services and assistance to the area
    • Residents
    • Emergency service response vehicles


  • Concern there may be a negative impact on local businesses in terms of loading and customer base


  • Fear of anti-social behaviour in ‘dead’ spaces
  • Fear quieter streets increase vulnerability at night
  • Fear about the creation of a dead-end on Shakespeare Road

Local context and community:

  • Concern council are not recognising the history of the area and community
  • Worry about the potential for increased division (road rage, community sentiment, socioeconomic and race)


  • Lack of engagement/ consultation with the local community
  • Poor communication of data and process behind the scheme
  • Concern about lack of evidence to connect to Covid-19 pandemic

Suggested improvements

This section highlights suggested improvements in and around the area raised by members of the community. 

Suggestions came from respondents who support the scheme and respondents who would like to see alternatives introduced.

The scheme as a whole:

  • Introduce more bike parking, cycle hangars and better road surfaces for cycling
  • Extend scheme to other areas
  • Link up LTNs across Lambeth
  • Lobby TfL for electric buses on 322 route
  • Introduce additional speed reduction measures
  • Introduce more support for electric vehicles
  • Increase enforcement 
  • Add more street furniture
  • Allow exemptions from modal filters for vehicle owners within the Railton LTN or just residents of Shakespeare Road north of the railway bridge
  • Introduce timed closures

Location specific

Atlantic Rd (Bus Gate) 

  • Introduce right turn for cyclists from Coldharbour Lane to Railton Road
  • Improve streetscape outside shops
  • Introduce greening along length of road
  • Improve signage around Atlantic Road
  • Improve community cohesion
  • Tackle increased traffic through Brixton town centre, in particular near Windrush Square

Marcus Garvey Way (Bus Gate) 

  • Tackle signage vandalism
  • Improve community cohesion 
  • Tackle pollution on Kellet and Saltoun Road
  • Improve delivery and bin collection access

Herne Place (Bus Gate) 

  • Improve signage on Dulwich Road and approach from Hurst Street
  • Tackle congestion in area on Sundays during Herne Hill Market hours
  • Improve non-compliance

Shakespeare Rd (Modal Filter)

  • Improve impact on Shakespeare North residents
  • Improve community cohesion
  • Include Milkwood Road in design
  • Tackle increased HGVs and servicing vehicles accessing and exiting area one way
  • Improve design from current ‘Cul de Sac’
  • Consider different locations for filter
  • Tackle any displaced traffic to Coldharbour Lane

St Matthews Rd (Modal Filter)

  • Tackle traffic rerouting on Crownstone Rd
  • Improve St Matthews gyratory 
  • Introduce Trelawn Rd one way system – no entry off Effra Rd with entry from Morval only to prevent rat running
  • Improve crossing from Morval to Brockwell park
  • Link cycle lane to Acre Lane via Porden Road
  • Introduce cycling contra-flow on Brixton Water Lane