Business, teacher or doctor parking permit

Details of how to apply for a business, doctor or teacher parking permit and the cost.

Requirements for a teachers’ parking permit

A teachers' permit allows parking in a shared-use parking bay, in the vicinity of the school.

To be eligible for a teachers’ parking permit, you must be a primary or secondary school teacher.

All applications must include a:

  • typed letter dated within the last three months, on letterhead paper, signed by the head teacher or other school official, confirming you are a member of staff
  • valid certificate of insurance

Teachers permits are now e-permits, this means you will no longer receive a physical permit by post. Your permit will be displayed as part of your online account and you will receive a confirmation email after your application has been approved. You can apply for and renew these permits online. You can apply to renew your existing permit from 30 days before your current permit expires. You are now also able to request a change of vehicle through your online account.

See terms and conditions for using Lambeth parking permits.