Business, teacher or doctor parking permit

Details of how to apply for a business, doctor or teacher parking permit and the cost.


Please note: from 01st April 2022, our charges will be going up by inflation (5%), this will include all permit types and the diesel surcharge.

  • Business Permit (single zone - 12 months) - £717.15
  • Business Permit (all zones - 12 months) - £1792.88
  • Doctors' Permit (annual) - £478.80
  • Teachers' Permit (annual) - £395.85
  • Car club permits (annual) - £658.35
  • Healthcare Permits (annual) - £119.70

Diesel surcharge

The charges below will be applied to diesel-fuelled vehicles that are non-compliant with Euro 6 Emission standards. The surcharge is in addition to our standard permit charges.

Diesel vehicles registered after the 1 September 2015 are all compliant with Euro 6 Emission standards and will not be liable for the surcharge.