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You'll get a Council Tax bill every year. This tells you who has to pay and how much. You can swap to paperless e-billing if you'd prefer.

What your bill tells you

Your Council Tax bill tells you:

  • who must pay the bill
  • how much money you need to pay
  • when you need to pay – read more about Council Tax payment plans
  • if you get any discounts or exemptions
  • how we work out your bill

When you should receive your bill

We send out Council Tax bills when you become the person who must pay Council Tax at a property. After that, we send a new one every March.

Only one bill is sent to a property. This is for everyone that lives in the property that needs to pay Council Tax.

We’ll send another bill if there's been an adjustment or if you’ve requested another copy.

Change to paperless bills

You can swap from paper bills to online paperless bills - this is known as e-billing. This helps to save paper, and all your bills are stored safely on your online account.

We'll email you when your latest bill is ready for you to see.

There’s no barcode on e-bills. This means you cannot use them to pay at Paypoint outlets or Post Offices.

To change to paperless online billing you need to have a Council Tax account on mylambeth.

When you fill in the e-billing form you'll get an error message, but you can ignore this. It's a technical problem that we know about. You'll get an email to confirm that you've changed to e-billing.

Ask for a copy of your bill

Get a copy of your Council Tax bill by sending a message to the Council Tax team.