Voluntary and Community Sector in Lambeth

Resources to support the Lambeth Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS).

Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy 

After a 2 year consultation period, Lambeth has developed a Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Strategy (PDF 303KB), setting out the relationship between the local authority and the VCS. 

The strategy explores the shared principles and vision for the VCS in the borough, and considers the importance of a strong VCS and how to work in partnership to achieve common goals.

Lambeth Council commissioned a survey to understand how the pandemic has affected Lambeth’s Voluntary and Community Sector. It is no surprise that the data collected shows that many organisations have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and organisations with specific characteristics appear to have been more acutely impacted.  The Council will use the evidence gathered to support its post-COVID-19 recovery activity, and to help the council to better understand the local demand for third sector services as it undertakes a review of the local VCS infrastructure and its role in these provisions. Findings from the report is available at Lambeth VCS survey.