Tulse Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report

A report on the impact of the Tulse Hill low traffic neighbourhood. This stage one report is part of our continuous monitoring of the scheme.

What is considered in this review?

This review identifies community issues and analyses initial traffic behaviour to make specific design improvements to the location and design of the traffic filters where needed. This first review has used data gathered up to the 14 January 2021 and has been undertaken prior to enforcement beginning in the Tulse Hill low traffic neighbourhood area.

The three areas of analysis for stage 1 are:

  • Independent traffic analysis
  • Community feedback analysis
  • Equalities impact analysis

The analysis identifies whether any changes are recommended in the design or operation of the LTNs due to ongoing and significant negative impact directly attributable to the implementation of the LTN.

The analysis is followed by our response in terms of improvements, supporting measures and the next steps for the scheme

Around 6 months after implementation we will conduct a full round of traffic, air quality and community feedback monitoring. At this stage, we would expect to see compliance through traffic filter locations will be nearing 100% with only occasional contraventions taking place. This can give us an accurate reflection of how an LTN area is performing against the objectives, accounting for the effect of external factors.