Dropped kerbs

Use this guide to find information on constructing a dropped kerb.

Step 1 — Obtain permission from the Transport Department

Apply for permission to construct a dropped kerb

You need to state the following:

  • You are the sole owner(s) of the property where the dropped kerb is to be located.
  • The parking area or driveway to be served by the dropped kerb is at least 2.4 metres wide by 4.8 metres deep, in order to safely accommodate a vehicle. The maximum width allowed for a crossover is four metres.
  • If your road is classified as a sensitive road, the vehicle will need to be able to enter and leave the driveway in a forward gear. You will therefore need to be able to turn the vehicle around on your hard standing.

You should also attach a drawing that clearly shows the exact position of the proposed dropped kerb so that our engineer can accurately assess your request. The drawing does not have to be to scale.

On receipt of your application, our engineer will visit the proposed location of the dropped kerb to grant their approval. They will ensure that the proposed dropped kerb will not adversely affect highway safety.