Dropped kerbs

Use this guide to find information on constructing a dropped kerb.

White line for a vehicular crossover

You can apply to have a white line added to an existing dropped kerb to deter motorists from blocking access to your property or parking across your driveway.

A Fixed Penalty Notice cannot be given to a motorist who parks on the white line, but it will act as a strong deterrent and a visual aid to indicate an entry point at your property. Applicants should not park their own vehicle over the white line as it may suggest they condone obstructions at other times. 

We will not accept white line applications unless the kerb has already been dropped for an authorised vehicular crossover. 

The price for painting a new white line or refreshing an existing one is £212 (for up to 6 linear metres). Payments can be made by either credit or debit card.

Please download and complete the white line application form and return it to crossovers@lambeth.gov.uk

White line application form (PDF 38KB)