Recycling collections

We collect your recycling every week. Check what you can recycle and how we collect it.

Flats above shops

If you have a recycling bin

If you have a recycling bin, follow our collection rules to make sure your recycling is collected:

  • your recycling must be in inside your recycling bin - you do not get recycling sacks
  • the lid must be closed
  • we will not collect sacks or other items left on top of, or next to, your bin
  • your bin should not contain things we do not recycle

If you do not have a recycling bin

If you do not have a wheelie bin for your recycling, you can use recycling sacks. We deliver recycling sacks for free, 6 times a year. If you run out, you can order more recycling sacks.

Make sure you:

  • use a recycling sack, with no holes or tears
  • tie the sack securely so recycling will not spill out
  • do not use carrier bags or bin bags
  • leave your recycling out before 6am on your collection day, but not before 8pm the day before your collection
  • leave your recycling sack next to street furniture, for example a litter bin or lamp post
  • do not leave your recycling somewhere that blocks the pavement

Timed collections

If you live in a timed collection area, our collection rules are different.

Green on-street recycling boxes

If you live above a shop on a street that has green boxes that say “clear recycling bags only” or “recycling only", you should use these for your recycling. Put your full recycling sacks in the box for collection. Tie the sacks and do not put loose items into these boxes.

Use these green boxes if you live at any of these addresses:

  • Abbeville Road
    • between 37 and 77
    • between 28 and 58
  • Acre Lane
    • between 104 and 138
    • between 140 and 156
  • Brixton Hill
    • between 100 and 112
    • between 52 and 62
  • Camberwell New Road
    • between 41A and 47A
  • Coldharbour Lane
    • between 176 and 256
    • between 338 and 352
  • Dulwich Road
    • between 101 and 115
  • Gipsy Road
    • between 229 and 251
  • Greyhound Lane
    • between 1 and 17
  • Kennington Road
    • between 327 and 349
  • Loughborough Road
    • between 39 and 63
  • South Lambeth Road
    • between 127 and 139
  • Tulse Hill
    • between 182 and 192
  • Venn Street
    • numbers 53, 55 and 59
  • Wandsworth Road
    • numbers 593, 595 and 597