Your education

Use this guide to find out more about your education. 

The virtual school

The virtual school is here to make sure that you're getting everything that you should be from your education.

We are based at International House in Brixton and usually work with your social worker to plan out the best plan for your education, particularly if you move to another borough. Sometimes we are lucky enough to actually come out to your PEP meetings with your social worker to meet you in person, which is great.

You recently told us that you were not too happy with the format of your part of the PEP form, so we have created some new ones. Originally, there were two PEP forms - one for primary and one for secondary, but these did not give you the opportunity to really tell us what was important to you.

To improve on this, four new ones have been created - one to cover each of the four key stages. This allows you to be a bit more specific at each stage of your school life, and makes sure that nothing important gets forgotten.

We hope that you like using the new forms. They have already been approved by a group of young people, but it would be good to have any feedback from you about them as well.