Your education

Use this guide to find out more about your education. 

Personal Education Plans (PEP)

What is a personal education plan?

All children and young people 'looked after' have a personal education plan (PEP). This is what the law says has to happen.

This is a plan that talks about your education to make sure that you are getting all of the support that you need at school or college. It is also a chance for you to record all of the important information and achievements that you have made.

Your personal education plan is part of your care plan. Although it might seem like more paper work, it is very important, as it is your opportunity to say what:

  • subjects are going well for you
  • you want to get out of your time there
  • subjects or aspects you might need help with
  • plans you have for your life after education, so that you can be guided into making the most of your options.

Giving your views about your education

Your social worker will meet with you, your school's designated teacher, your foster carer or key worker, and sometimes, a teacher from the virtual school, to agree this.

It is important for you to have your say about your education and what things you like and don't like about school. You can write these down on the PEP form and you can also have your say at the meeting.

Do you want to join a football team, learn a musical instrument, get extra help with homework, or start dance classes? Your PEP review meeting is one of your chances to let your social worker, carer or key worker and teachers know what you want to do.