Disabled facilities grants

Use this guide to find information on the disabled facilities grant and whether you are eligible for one.

How much is the grant for?

The amount paid is based on a financial assessment (a means test) of your average weekly income in relation to your outgoings. There is no means testing for families of disabled children under 19.

Capital is included in the means test and will take into account savings above £6,000. Certain benefits, including Personal Independence Plan (PIP) and Income Support, are generally ignored. If you have a partner, your combined income will be assessed jointly.

The amount of financial assistance offered can vary from nothing to 100% of the cost.

At the moment, the maximum grant is £30,000. In exceptional cases, a top-up discretionary disabled facilities grant might be available. Discretionary cases are considered by a panel consisting of officers from within Housing, Regeneration and Environment and Adult and Community Services. Your HIA case manager will be able to advise you further.