Disabled facilities grants

Use this guide to find information on the disabled facilities grant and whether you are eligible for one.

Initial assessment and financial assessment

The initial assessment is carried out by a community Occupational Therapy (OT) service, from either Children's or Adult Community Services.

The OT visits the disabled person and decides what work is needed, then refers the disabled person or their family to the Home Improvement Agency (HIA).

A HIA case manager will then visit the disabled person at home to make a financial assessment, and tell them if they have to contribute to the cost of the work. They also ensure that the person and their family are getting all the right benefits and other services that would be beneficial to them.

You can use our HIA technical service to help organise the work, or you can use your own contractor and architect. Lambeth Council will check the scheme to make sure it meets your needs.

When you use the HIA, a specification and drawings are prepared. Once agreed by the OT, it is sent for quotes on the disabled person’s behalf. Once an acceptable quote is received and the forms are completed, the grant is approved.