Where you can park

Details of car parks, on-street parking and parking charges within Lambeth.

Parking on bank and public holidays

Parking restrictions are often relaxed on bank and public holidays, but you must ensure you check signs carefully before you park.

Where you can park on bank and public holidays

  • 'Pay for parking' bays (free of charge on bank holidays only).
  • Resident permit holder's only bays.
  • Business permit holder's only bays.
  • Permit holder's only bays.
  • Single yellow lines (exceptions apply - see below for more details).

Single yellow line exceptions

 You cannot park on a single yellow line on a public or bank holiday:

  • if a single yellow line is accompanied by a single yellow kerb mark on the pavement, and a parking sign that advises that a loading ban is in place at that location from Monday to Sunday
  • if there is a separate yellow sign for the yellow line which indicates that parking is restricted from Monday to Sunday.

Where you cannot park on bank and public holidays

The places below may be subject to parking restrictions throughout the year, dependent on both the Highway Code and road signage:

  • Bus lanes (please note that this includes driving in bus lanes during restricted hours).
  • Council car parks.
  • Disabled bays.
  • Double yellow lines.
  • Footway parking.
  • Across a dropped kerb.
  • White zigzag lines.
  • Pedestrian crossings.
  • Bus stops.
  • Double parking.
  • Suspended bays.

On bank holidays we operate a removal service to deal with obstructive and dangerous parking, so please park carefully.