Traders’ voucher terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for traders’ voucher

By applying for traders’ vouchers with the London Borough of Lambeth you must read, agree with, and accept all the terms and conditions as set out below:

I confirm that all information I have given to the council as part of my application is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I understand and accept that the council may prosecute me under the Fraud Act 2006 and any other legislation that may be deemed to be effective if I have given any information on this form which is found to be misleading or untrue.

I agree to all the terms and conditions below.


Traders or residents can apply for a voucher to allow traders to park in a CPZ if they are working on a nearby property. There is no limit to the number of vouchers that can be applied for per household. Traders’ vouchers are non-refundable or transferrable and are not for re-sale.

Businesses, or residents living within a CPZ who are having works done on their property, may purchase traders' vouchers, to be used by the tradesperson.

Traders’ vouchers can be purchased and used through your online account. Customers will no longer be sent paper vouchers through the post.

Traders’ vouchers can be activated immediately following approval of evidence, or for any time in the future. Please note, you may have to provide evidence before your vouchers can be activated. It is the responsibility of the resident and tradesperson to ensure the voucher has been correctly activated for the day/s the vehicle is parked. You are also liable for any duplications, incorrect activations and will not be entitled to a refund.

Vouchers are not transferrable between CPZs - they are only valid for use by traders in the CPZ of where the works will be carried out.


Any applications must be accompanied by either a work order or a quote for work, on company headed paper (PC screen shots are unacceptable), which must include the address where the works are taking place.

If you choose to proceed with your application, we will ask you to pay the full price for the traders’ vouchers you have selected. Failure to supply evidence within 30 days, or where a fraudulent application has been made, will result in the application being rejected, and the traders’ vouchers will be cancelled without any refund due to you.

Size of vehicle

Your voucher can be used on either a motorcycle, passenger vehicle or a light goods vehicle with no more than 8 seats. The overall height should not exceed 2.3 metres. The length should not exceed 5.5 metres.


The works to be done is for residents who live within a London Borough of Lambeth Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ).

I understand that purchasing traders’ vouchers does not guarantee a parking space and the council is not liable for any theft or damage to the vehicle or the contents or fittings of any such vehicle while it is parked wholly within a valid bay with a valid traders’ voucher.


From time to time, it may be necessary to suspend a parking bay, this is normally due to road works being carried out by the utility companies, such as gas or electricity. During the period for which the bay is suspended, parking is not permitted in the bay. Even if a valid voucher is displayed / exists a PCN will still be issued, and the vehicle may be towed away. It is the voucher holder's responsibility to ensure that the bay in which their vehicle is parked is not suspended during the time their vehicle is there.

Proofs requested


The address where works are to be undertaken must be within a London Borough of Lambeth’s controlled parking zone (CPZ).


To meet the criteria for a traders’ voucher you should have:

  • A works order or a quote for work on company headed paper which must include the Lambeth address where the works are taking place.

Failure to supply the requested proof documents within 30 days of the application will result in the application being rejected without refund.

Making an application for traders vouchers serves as acknowledgement and agreement of this, and all other terms and conditions.

Paying online

Payment for traders’ vouchers can be made online at the time of your application, by credit/debit card.

Please note

Outside of the 14-day cooling off period traders' vouchers are not refundable, not exchangeable and cannot be resold.

The 14-day cooling off period applies to the entire purchase. If any voucher that is part of the purchase has been used, the 14- day cooling off period will not apply and no refund will be payable.

Traders’ vouchers are only valid in the controlled parking zone for which they are purchased and are not transferable.

If you have provided any fraudulent documentation as part of your proof of address or are found to be selling traders’ vouchers, the council has the right to bring prosecution against you under the Fraud Act 2006 or any other legislation covering this offence.