Safer Lambeth: Domestic homicide reviews and reports

Use this guide to find Safer Lambeth Partnership’s domestic homicide executive reviews and summary reports.

Domestic Homicide Review 001

This report relates to an independent review of the circumstances leading to a domestic homicide that occurred between 29 December 2012 and 6 January 2013 in Lambeth.


Ms Z was a visitor to Lambeth and the UK, before her death on or between 29 December 2012 and 6 January 2013.

She was killed by Mr L who she had met during a previous visit to London in the summer of 2012. He pleaded guilty to her manslaughter on 18 November 2013. The DHR reports were produced by Jane Ashman, Independent Chair of Lambeth’s Domestic Homicide Review Panel. The multi-agency panel examined relevant agency responses and support given to Ms Z, and as she had only been in the country for three weeks, they examined responses to two previous victims of domestic violence by Mr L.

An action plan was prepared to address the nine recommendations. Additionally, South London and Maudsley Trust (SLAM) undertook a Serious Case Review. Progress has been overseen by the DHR Panel and reported to the Lambeth Adults' Safeguarding Board, and the Safer Lambeth Partnership.

The report has been signed off by Lambeth Council’s chief executive and police borough commander in their role as chairs of the Safer Lambeth Partnership Executive. It has also received sign off from the Home Office DHR QA Panel, who gave permission for the review to be finalised.