Library charges

Find out how long you can loan items for from Lambeth libraries and how much you will need to pay for charged and overdue items.

Loan periods and charges

Item Loan period Loan charge Overdue charge Maximum overdue charge
Books Three weeks Free 25p per book per day £5 per book and £1 for concession
Talking books Three weeks 50p per talking book. Free for concessions, those with visual impairments and those over 60 and under 16 25p per item per day £4 per item
Language courses Six weeks

£2 per course 

Renewal is £1

English courses are free

25p per item per day £4 per item
DVDs Three days or one week

Kids - £1 for one week

Adults - £1.50 for one week

Box sets for both kids and adults for one week - £2.50

If kept longer each week is charged at the above rates  
  • The maximum number of items that can be borrowed is 20 - this includes six DVD loans and three language courses.
  • Maximum renewal of books is eight.
  • Replacement membership cards are £2.50 (60p for exemptions).
  • Reservations for items that are on the Lambeth catalogue cost £0.50 (free for children and concessions), and £2 for items not on the Lambeth catalogue.
  • British Library renewal is £10.
  • Customers under 16, over 60s, and also those on benefits are exempted from overdue charges (proof needed).

Printing and photocopying

  • Black and white printing is 10p per A4 page and 20p per A3 page.
  • Colour printing is 50p per A4 page and £1 per A3 page.
  • Up to 10 pages will be provided free by staff answering an enquiry or for a child needing copies for homework.


  • Assisting research for £35 per hour.


Where applicable, concessionary rates are available to:

  • individuals over 60 and not in full-time employment
  • those on: Income Support, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Severe Disablement Allowance, Disabled Tax Credits, Disability Living Allowance and Invalid Care Allowance.

Additional hours on computers

Additional hours if computers are not in use and slots are available is £1 per hour or free for concessions.

Room and equipment hire

Many libraries have rooms for hire. Please ask library staff for details and charges.

Lost items

For items:

  • in print and less than two years old, the charge is the full cost of the item 
  • that are 2-5 years old, the charge is 50% of the cover price
  • over five years old, the charge is 25% of the cover price.

Full replacement costs may be charged for out of print items. For non-Lambeth stock, fees of the lending authority apply.

Community noticeboard

Small advertisements and notices can be displayed for three weeks for £3.