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These resources can only be accessed from the computers in the library


Ancestry Library Edition allows you to search for family history records online, providing access from the 1841-1901 UK censuses.

Access to Research

Access to Research offers free digital access to over 1.5million academic articles from over 8,400 journals. Get in-depth information on topics such as art, business, engineering, history, languages, politics, mathematics and the sciences, with articles from academic journals and conference proceedings. This service is in collaboration with librarians and publishers. Please note that publishers have not made all articles available free of charge.

Check out our newly added Funding resources below. Please speak to a member of staff in order to access the Funding resources.

Company-giving for organisations

The guide is aimed at all voluntary organisations seeking support from corporates, and companies looking to develop their community-giving strategy, along with research organisations and individuals.

Grants for Individuals

Helps identify grants for individuals experiencing hardship or for educational purposes. It allows you to enter a specific criteria and find the trusts likely to help with funding.

Trust Funding

Gives you all the information you need to make applications to the trusts most likely to fund several causes and increase fundraising.