Regeneration activity in Lambeth

Regeneration in Lambeth is about improving the borough’s places — socially, economically and physically.

Clapham and Streatham

The biggest expansion in leisure provision in Lambeth’s history is nearly complete. The council has opened three new leisure centres in as many years.

Both complement the popular Clapham leisure centre. The Clapham project includes a new library and health centre.

The council has advertised for sale 26 Victorian terraced houses on Rectory Gardens and Rectory Grove. The houses are all former short life properties, which are now vacant. Further details on short life properties and the sale of these houses are available in our document:

Major improvements to the town centres have also got underway with new schemes being delivered in West Norwood and Tulse Hill centres, and plans for the removal of the central reservation in Streatham.

These developments are forecast to bring 30,000 jobs to the area in the next 10 years. Jobs will be in a wide range of sectors and at all levels – highly skilled and professional as well as intermediate and entry level jobs; architects, waiters, surveyors, cashiers, software developers, accountants, labourers, artists as well as civil engineers and musicians - to name but some - the demand will be truly diverse.

This is a fantastic opportunity! We will work in collaboration with public and private sector partners and the local community to:

  • enhance access to these jobs
  • provide education and training opportunities for young people (especially apprenticeships)
  • stimulate enterprise opportunities related to local growth sectors.

We are determined that Lambeth citizens are given the opportunity to become part of the success story and the economic regeneration on their doorstep.