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Local land charges are sometimes registered against land and may affect landowners. You can request information from the local land charges register held by the council. 

Local land charges were originally introduced to inform the buyer of any obligations which may affect them. These potential obligations, or 'charges' must be registered against the land when they're created. As they are registered against the land itself, they can affect successive owners who must comply with them.

Important notice
Lambeth Council no longer provides a Local Land Charge Personal Search service or a search of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1).

The Local Land Charges Register has been migrated to HM Land Registry. You can access this digital service through your portal account, business gateway and on the HM Land Registry pages on GOV.UK.

Lambeth Council will continue to provide replies to CON29 enquiries.

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Costs for services

  • Non-statutory bundled information: £75 + £15.00 VAT = £90.00
  • Additional parcel for non-statutory bundled information: £0.00
  • Full search (Form CON29R) - statutory and non-statutory information: £200.00 + £40.00 VAT = £240.00
  • Additional parcel for full search: £0.00
  • Optional enquiries (form CON29O): £0.00

Coronavirus update

In light of the lockdown issued by the Government, please be reassured that the Land Charges Search Service is continuing to operate normally, and there will be minimum change to the service.

However, to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees, the Land Charges team are working remotely, and they will not be able to process searches received with cheque payments.

Alternatively, you can enter into a billing agreement with the Land Charges Search Service or pay by debit or credit card.

For further information, or if you would like to make payment by debit or credit card, please email the application and plan to us at

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