Gas servicing

Information about gas servicing for homeowners and tenants.


As your landlord, Lambeth Council is required by law to service all gas appliances, fittings and flues in your home that we own, to make sure they are safe.

By law, we must arrange for a gas safety check at least once every 12 months on each gas appliance and flue in your home. The checks will be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. To ensure your safety, Lambeth carry out these safety checks every 10 months.

After each safety check, you will be given a copy of the annual Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, or LGSR (also known as a CP12), which you must keep in a safe place.

It is very important that these safety checks are carried out. The gas servicing contractor will inform you when your inspection is due and will make an appointment with you.

We will take legal action against those tenants who don't let us in to do the annual gas servicing work. This is because it is a breach of your tenancy agreement and puts you and your family at risk. Where legal action is taken, the costs will be recharged to those tenants.

If you think that a gas appliance in your home is unsafe, contact us immediately at any time to report the fault.


As a homeowner, you have access to the gas servicing contract we have with our contractors.

If you wish to have the gas installation and appliances in your home tested or serviced, you will need to contact the contractor for your area to arrange this. You will also need to pay them directly for the service.

Area Contractor Phone number
North OCO 020 8315 5654
Central T Brown 020 8786 1333
South MPS 016 8980 6198