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Please give your feedback and suggestions about how we operate and can improve our service. You don't have to answer all the questions but the more you do, the more you help us improve our service.

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If you're not sure, a rough guess is fine.
For example: Rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps, insect removal, dead animal removal, pest-proofing...
What type of building/property was this treatment for? (Optional)
How did you hear about us? (Optional)
How easy was it to find the Pest Control page on our website? (Optional)
Did you call and speak to one of our customer care team (9am-5pm)?
How quickly was the call taken? (Optional)
How helpful was the call operator to deal with your enquiry? (Optional)
How quick and easy was the payment process? (Optional)
How well did you understand everything that was explained to you by the call operator about our service? (Optional)
Did you feel you were sent enough information about what you needed to do before the Pest Control Officer arrived? (Optional)
How long were you told you needed to be available for on the day of your visit/treatment? (Optional)
Were you sent a text message or a phone call 30-minutes before your Pest Control Officer arrived to tell you they were on their way? (Optional)
How would you rate your experience with your Pest Control Officer? (Optional)
How would you rate the success and quality of your pest control treatment? (Optional)
How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Would you buy from us again?
If you received treatment during the last 6-months. Did our Pest Control Officer wear a face mask and try to keep 2-metres from you during the visit? (Optional)
Are you happy for one of our Customer Care team to contact you if you have experienced any problems?
Would you like to be kept informed of Lambeth Council updates and details on our services?