Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

Information about the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment, including a background summary and the latest assessment for Lambeth.

We're required by the Childcare Act 2006 to report annually to elected council members on how they are meeting their duty to secure sufficient childcare, and to make this report available and accessible to parents.

Having sufficient childcare means that families are able to find childcare that meets their child’s learning needs and enables parents to make a real choice about work and training.

Securing sufficient childcare does not mean that the local authority provides childcare itself (although they may do in certain circumstances). Our role is one of market facilitation. We use information about childcare sufficiency to plan our work supporting the local childcare economy.

Download the latest Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2019-20 (PDF 2.5MB)

You can also read and download previous reports: