Markets and street trading

You need a valid street trading licence from the council if you want to offer goods or services for sale on the street, from a designated pitch (on a street market, for example) or within seven metres of the public highway.

Alert – Lambeth is in Lockdown

Lambeth Markets are currently only allowing traders classified as providing “essential” goods or services to trade.

For further information on the current lockdown, please visit the Council’s COVID-19 information page.

Becoming a trader

We currently have a small number of pitches available at Brixton market - on Electric Avenue, Pope’s Road and Brixton Station Road. Please note that vacancies only occasionally arise for street trading pitches which are currently occupied.

Applications are accepted for pitches which are already designated. Please complete the application form and refer to the guidance notes.

All completed applications submitted with the correct documentation will be considered with reference to the commodities rules, so please familiarise yourself with these before you submit your application.

Our markets

Herne Hill Market

This award-winning weekly market is run by City and Country Farmers' Markets (CCFM). It operates on Sundays and offers a variety of locally-sourced fresh and cooked food, jewellery and arts and crafts.

Find out more on the CCFM website.

Lower Marsh Market

This thriving market, run by We Are Waterloo, operates from Mondays-Saturdays.

  • Weekdays offer street food, regular produce and craft stalls.
  • Saturdays offer a flea and handmade market.

Find out more on Lower Marsh Market's website.

Venn Street Market

This busy food market in the heart of Clapham operates on Saturdays and is run by Leafhouse.

Find out more on Venn Street Market's website.

Brixton Station Road Market 

This market is run by Brixton Market Traders Federation and operates seven days a week. It has street food stalls and a general market on weekdays, a variety of stalls on Saturdays, and the Brixton Farmers Market every Sunday selling organic and free range produce.

Find out more on Brixton Station Road Market's website.

Requests to designate a new street trading pitch

There is a non-refundable fee of £1850 for applications for the designation of any new street trading pitch, payable in full upon application. This is to cover officer time, and other costs, including newspaper public notice(s).

Applications are subject to consultation, and may be refused, however, the fee will still apply. Should a new pitch be designated, the allocation of a new street trading licence will be subject to open competition from prospective traders.

For more information, please contact

Trading in parks, open spaces and at events

You need to seek advice from Lambeth’s Events team if you wish to organise or participate in an event where:

  • any element of street trading is involved
  • goods or services are offered from a stall
  • you want to apply to trade at an established event managed by the council.

Fees and charges will be applicable if we agree to your request.

For further information, please see:

Please note that any applications about Windrush Square and Emma Cons Gardens are dealt with by Lambeth’s Parks Development Team. Email the team at

If you undertake licensable activities without obtaining a licence, then you are liable for prosecution.

Trading from parking spaces is not permitted, and illegal street trading may result in a fine and/or prosecution and/or the seizing of goods and equipment.

Selling food

To sell food at any location in the borough, you must comply with the relevant Food Safety Legislation. Further information is available on our food market trader's guide.

Please note that the Food Team do not grant licences or allocate pitches.

Who can use this service?

This service is intended for those who want to become a street trader in Lambeth.

Costs for this service

Street trading licences are granted subject to ongoing adherence to licence conditions, including the regular and timely payment of all fees which are due.

The market fees and charges below only apply to those pitches directly managed by the council. Market operators may have their own list of fees and charges, so please contact them directly.

Market fees and charges

What you need to know...

Consumer complaints

In the event of a complaint, please seek to resolve this with the relevant trader first. If this does not resolve the issue and it relates to Trading Standards, either:

For all other complaints relating to markets in Lambeth, please contact the council’s Market team:

Download and complete

Market trader application form (PDF, 241KB)