About the Mayor

Find out what the Mayor, Leader and Cabinet do for Lambeth Council, and how to contact them. See which events the mayor will be attending.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Lambeth for 2021-22 were inaugurated on Wednesday 21 April 2021 at the virtual annual meeting of the council. 

Mayor Annie Gallop

The current Mayor is Councillor Annie Gallop who became a councillor for Vassall Ward in May 2014.

About the Mayor

The Mayor of Lambeth is elected each year at the annual general meeting of the council.

The Mayor has many civic and ceremonial responsibilities and has an ambassadorial role as first citizen of the borough.

This means the Mayor will promote Lambeth and participate in, and help initiate, activities that help the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of Lambeth and its residents.

The role of Mayor of Lambeth role includes:

  • chairing council meetings
  • attending events in Lambeth and across London
  • fundraising for their chosen charity - see next section.

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Pauline George who is councillor for Herne Hill Ward.