Apply for a fireworks and explosives licence or registration

Use this guide to help you when applying for fireworks and explosives storage registration.

Apply for storage registration

Who can use this service

The majority of premises storing explosives will only have a relatively small amount of explosives on their premises at any one time. This will typically include:

  • retailers selling fireworks only at certain times of the year
  • garages storing airbag detonators
  • other premises where explosives form only a minor part of the overall business.

For these premises, a storage registration will be the most suitable type of authorisation.

Maximum quantities

The maximum quantity of explosives that can be stored in registered premises should not exceed one of the following:

  • 30kg of explosives of any hazard type.
  • 100kg of hazard type 3 explosives, or a combination of hazard type 3 and 4 explosives.
  • 250kg of hazard type 4 explosives.
  • 250kg of small arms ammunition and percussion caps, and 30kg of shooters powder.

Shops selling fireworks may be subject to additional limits, restricting the amount of fireworks that may be kept in the shop at any one time. Further fireworks can be stored in a storeroom up to the full amount as listed above.

When you apply

When considering applications for registration, we will look at:

  • whether the premises are suitable for the storage of explosives
  • whether the applicant has previously been convicted of explosives-related offences.

If we have concerns about an application, we are required to allow the applicant to make representation in support of their application, before coming to a decision.

Registrations are usually valid for a year and expire in September. They can be revoked if it is believed that the premises are no longer suitable, or if there are concerns in respect of the fitness of the registered person.

Apply for a storage registration