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Find out how you can stay safe and help the community.

Lambeth has a strong community spirit and a large voluntary and community sector. It is no surprise that residents and community groups across the borough are offering help and undertaking acts of kindness and support in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

At this time, there are some residents who are more likely to need support. These include people who are 70 or over, have a long-term condition, are pregnant, and/or have a weakened immune system.

Everyone should do what they can to stop coronavirus from spreading. This is one of the most important things you can do as a resident.

To avoid catching and spreading coronavirus, or if you are concerned that you have symptoms, please follow NHS Guidance

Things you can do to help


If you want to help those who are self-isolating or socially distancing, the advice is to start with the people you know including your families, your friends, your neighbours and people in your local neighbourhood. These are the people to who you are most likely to be able to provide continued support.

Lambeth Council is working closely with our local NHS partners and the community and voluntary sector to ensure that vulnerable people and community organisations are able to access support when they need it. If you would like to register to volunteer and support your local community, please complete our coronavirus volunteer form.

I want to volunteer

There are also a number of organisations and community networks that are active in the borough. You can also engage with them to find out about other opportunities to volunteer and support. These include:

Be careful about how you share personal information about yourself and other people. Avoid sharing your or a vulnerable person's address and other contact information in public groups or documents.

Map of mutual aid WhatsApp groups

There are a number of independently run Whatsapp groups, organised by ward, which you may wish to join to connect with volunteers and people in need in your area. Use this map to find your ward and the link to the whatsapp group.

Donate food

Food donations are actively encouraged as access to food will be one of the key challenges during this period. The Lambeth Larder Community Food Resource is a social enterprise, which helps to connect local people to emergency food and other support.

If you wish to donate food and other supplies, please consult the Lambeth Larder Directory to identify charities that may be accepting donations.

Donate money

The Lambeth Food Bank Fund has launched to support our community and the organisations that can have the most impact on those that are most vulnerable. Donate to the Lambeth Food Bank Fund.

There are also national fundraising efforts that you can contribute to such as:

Be mindful when making donations that you know which organisation the money is going to.

Only but what you need

When shopping, only buy what you need so that there is enough for everyone, especially for vulnerable residents, key workers like paramedics, doctors and nurses who are working long hours to look after us, and those who can’t afford to buy ahead.

Keep safe whilst helping out

This page will be regularly updated. Get the latest information on Lambeth Council's response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).