The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections - 6 May 2021

The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections to the Greater London Authority (GLA) are due to take place on Thursday 6 May. 

Everyone that's registered to vote in local government elections in Lambeth can vote at GLA elections, including EU citizens.

Polling stations will be safe places to vote in May, but there are other ways to vote. Please apply as early as possible if you'd like to vote by post.

Important dates



Publication of notices of election

Monday 22 March

Poll cards are sent out

Monday 22 March

Start of nominations

Monday 22 March

Close of nominations

4pm, Tuesday 30 March

Publication of statement of persons (and parties) nominated

Not later than 4pm, Thursday 1 April

Deadline for new registration applications

Monday 19 April

Deadline for new postal voting applications and for making changes to existing postal and proxy votes

5pm, Tuesday 20 April

Deadline for new proxy voting applications

5pm, Tuesday 27 April

First date that electors can apply for replacements for lost or spoilt postal ballots

Thursday 29 April 

Polling day for Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections

Thursday 6 May

Deadline for applying for replacement postal ballots and for making emergency proxy applications

5pm, Thursday 6 May 

Election counts take place

Friday 7 May

Registering to vote

To vote at this election, you must be registered to vote by Monday 19 April.

If you're already registered to vote, you do not need to register again.

Register to vote

Getting your poll card

Poll cards will be sent to existing electors from 22 March. You do not need your poll card to vote, you just need to give your name to the polling station officers when you go to your polling station, and they will give you your ballot paper.

You do not need to show photo ID at your polling station.

Polling stations

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on polling day.

To find out where your polling station is, visit the Where do I vote website.

How to be a candidate

When considering whether you want to stand as a candidate, we strongly advise you to read the Electoral Commission's guidance for candidates in full.

Mayor of London and London-wide Assembly Member candidates

If you want to stand as a Mayoral candidate or London-wide Assembly Member candidate, you should contact the Greater London Returning Officer at London Elects.

Lambeth and Southwark London Assembly Constituency Member candidates

Nominations for the London Assembly Lambeth and Southwark Constituency Member contest are managed by the Lambeth and Southwark Constituency Returning Officer.

If you'd like to stand as a London Assembly candidate in the Lambeth and Southwark constituency, please contact Lambeth Electoral Services to request a nomination pack.

Voting by post and proxy

If you cannot go to your polling station on Thursday 6 May, you can apply to vote by post. This means your ballot paper will be sent to you by post before polling day.

You can also apply to vote by proxy. This is where someone else votes on your behalf, either at your polling station or by post.

Apply to vote by post or proxy

The dates postal votes will be sent to voters will be confirmed by the Greater London Authority soon. 

If you apply for a postal vote by 31 March, it's currently estimated that a postal ballot pack for these elections will be sent to you between 15 and 21 April.

If you apply for a postal vote after 31 March, it's currently estimated that a postal ballot pack will be sent to you by 23 April. 

Replacements for lost or spoilt postal ballots

If you're registered to vote by post, but have lost, spoilt, or have not received your postal vote ballot we sent to you, you can apply for a replacement.

Replacements for lost or spoilt postal ballots can be issued in person at Lambeth Town Hall between 9am-5pm on weekdays, from Thursday 29 April, until 5pm on polling day, Thursday 6 May.

To get your replacement postal ballot, you must bring photo ID and proof of address with you.

If you cannot collect your replacement postal vote in person, or if you have any other questions, please contact us for more information.


Results for all of the Mayoral and London-wide London Assembly member contests are published by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Results for the Lambeth and Southwark London Assembly constituency member contest will also be available on our elections results page.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.