Electoral ward boundary review

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission England (the Commission) is asking for residents’ help to create a new pattern of electoral wards in Lambeth.

Electoral wards

Lambeth is currently divided into 21 wards. These are local areas, like Coldharbour and Thornton.

Each ward is represented by 3 councillors, who are elected every 4 years to represent the best interests of the residents in their ward. Some council services and neighbourhood policing are organised by ward.

By drawing up new ward boundaries, the Commission is aiming for each councillor to represent roughly the same number of voters.

The review will also try to create wards that reflect the interests and identities of communities across Lambeth.

Why the wards are being reviewed

Since the last review in 1999, the population in some of the wards has grown more than others and there's more development taking place, like in the north of the borough.

Your views about the ward boundaries are important in making sure there's effective governance for Lambeth in the future.

The Commission would like to hear opinions on:

  • the number of wards
  • the names of wards
  • where the boundaries between wards should lie
  • the number of councillors for each ward

The consultation

The consultation is in 2 stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 took place between 14 July and 21 September 2020.

Residents were asked to submit ideas about where the ward boundaries should be drawn. The Commission is currently looking at all the submissions and will draw up new proposals for the second stage of the consultation.

Stage 2

The Commission published its proposals for new Lambeth electoral wards on 2 February 2021.

Residents can comment on the proposed scheme from 2 February to 12 April 2021.

The council has responded to the first stage of the consultation and expects to submit a response to the second stage by 12 April 2021. Consultation responses are published on the Commission's website.

We recently hosted an online event about the proposals and consultation process, you can view it here.

The Commission's final recommendations will be published on 29 June 2021. If they're approved by Parliament, the new electoral ward boundaries will be introduced in time for Lambeth's full council elections in May 2022.

Respond to the consultation

You can tell the Commission your views:

Or, you tell the Commission by post at:

LGBCE c/o Cleardata Innovation House
Coniston Court Riverside Business Park
E24 4RP