Business Improvement District (BID) renewals

Business Improvement Districts focus on improving the trading environment for businesses within a local area. 

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Most UK BIDs are established for 5-year terms. On completion of the 5-year term a new ballot is held to see if the eligible businesses within the BID area would like to continue with the BID. The BID proposer will provide a proposal when announcing the ballot. The proposal will detail the arrangement the BID is proposing to establish and will detail their plan and levy arrangements.

A successful vote is one that has a majority both in votes cast and in rateable value of votes cast. Each business entitled to vote in a Business Improvement District ballot is allowed one vote in respect of each property occupied or, if unoccupied, owned by them in the geographical area of the Business Improvement District.

Recent BID ballot results 

We Are Waterloo BID

Date of ballot

Thursday 18 February 2021

Total number of eligible businesses in the BID area 


The total number of returned ballot papers


The total number of valid votes received 


The total number of rejected ballot papers




Total number of valid votes in favour of the BID 


Total rateable value of valid votes cast 


Total rateable value of votes cast in favour of the BID 


Percentage of votes cast in favour of the BID 


Percentage of total rateable value of votes cast in favour of the BID