Finding your new home

Guidance on what questions to ask when you have found a home, and information on tenancy agreements and rental fees. 

Information for the tenant

If you are a lodger, the information in this section does not apply to you.

At the start of your tenancy and whenever you renew the tenancy, the landlord or letting agent must give you:

  • an electrical installation condition report, and have rectified any deficiencies (unless they are only recommendations);
  • a gas safety certificate if your home has gas appliances;
  • an energy performance certificate unless the property is a house in multiple occupation. Properties let on tenancies entered into after 1 April 2018 must have a rating of at least ‘E’ (unless a valid exemption applies);
  • deposit documentation. If you have provided a deposit, the landlord must protect it in a government approved scheme within 30-days and provide you prescribed information about it. Make sure you get the official information from your landlord, and that you understand how to get your money back at the end of the tenancy. Keep this information safe as you will need it later; and
  • a copy of the government’s how to rent guide

If your landlord does not give you any of these when your tenancy is started or renewed, they are not allowed to give you Notice Requiring Possession under section 21 Housing Act 1988. This means it is much harder for a landlord to evict you.