Finding your new home

Guidance on what questions to ask when you have found a home, and information on tenancy agreements and rental fees. 

Are you a lodger

You are a lodger if:

  • your landlord lives in the same flat or house as you; and
  • shares a bathroom, kitchen or living room with you.

You are not a lodger if:

  • your landlord moved in after you first moved in; or
  • your landlord keeps a room for themselves but does not live there.

Because a lodger is sharing their landlord’s home, the rules are different, so some parts of this Tenants’ Charter will not apply to you.

It is always against the law for your landlord to intimidate or harass you – even if you are a lodger. Your landlord is not allowed to touch or throw your possessions out. In an emergency, call the police on 999.

For further advice, see Shelter's information for lodgers.